Anyone using repetitive hand and wrist positions or exposed to high pressure or impact on the palm will benefit from the Shock-Tek™ protective device.

Wearing Shock-Tek™ Gloves will -

  • Reduce the chance of acquiring CTS
  • Relieve the symptoms of those already suffering from numbness, tingling & burning fingers, weakness of grip, aching hands and arms.
  • Prevent recurrence of CTS in post operation patients

The glove has been used by individuals who have CTS to reduce their symptoms. It has even been used by patients who have already had surgery. However, we recommend that the glove be used for prevention. There are jobs or sports where the palm of the hand is constantly subjected to pressure, impact or vibration; after a while people develop symptoms, even before they have actual CTS. Many individuals have used the gloves to relieve or prevent symptoms before they have CTS. By using the glove as a preventative device, the symptoms often disappear. We believe that keeping pressure away from the median nerve will prevent injury to the nerve.

People in certain jobs or occupations, or in certain sports, will often notice that after several hours, they have tingling in their fingers.

Sometimes, the grip becomes weak, or the fingers actually become numb and lose sensation. Often, these symptoms are erroneously ascribed to ‘poor circulation’. The Shock-Tek™ glove prevents the development of these symptoms.

COMMERCIAL Users of Shock-Tek™ Gloves

Office and retail environments often expose employees to situations and job tasks that can eventually lead to CTS. The Shock-Tek™ protective device can help reduce the risk of injury and improve the work performance of vulnerable employees:

  • Anyone consistently exposed to high pressure or impact on the palm of the hands.
  • Anyone working on computers or other tasks that induce pressure from continuous resting of the hands and wrists in one position (although this device is not specifically designed to address CTS due to rapid typing or movement of the fingers as in some situations).
  • Anyone involved in repetitive package handling or packing, loading and unloading.
  • Anyone whose job requires repetitive uncomfortable hand and wrist positions i.e. order fulfillment and processors, service desk employees, inventory workers, mail room packaging, stapling, and handling.
  • Anyone using cutting, digging, gardening or pruning tools, or other project tools around the home, office or workplace.
  • Users of heavy machinery and tools with repetitive movements.
  • People using crutches and wheelchairs can benefit from our technology.


  INDUSTRIAL Users of Shock-Tek™ Gloves

Industrial Environments are probably the most dangerous places for exposure to CTS causing situations. Countless job tasks require repetitive motions and hand positions leading to wrist and hand abuse with often-inescapable pain and injury. Wearing Shock-Tek™ gloves can dramatically improve the chances of avoiding potential injury for industrial tasks such as:

  • Anyone consistently exposed to high pressure or impact on the palm of the hands.
  • Anyone in repetitive manufacturing jobs such as auto workers, carpenters, and meat processors.
  • Anyone in jobs that require prolonged and repetitive gripping movements: i.e. power-tools, press-fitting parts, installation, lifting and carrying heavy objects, operating heavy machinery, and pulling cable.
  • Anyone using cutting and gardening and pruning tools
  • Anyone exposed to prolonged use of vibrating tools:

- Rivet Guns
- Power Tools
- Impact Tools
- Road Construction
- Professional Drivers
- Power Actuated Tools
- Packing and Stocking operations
- Tools requiring a constant firm grip
- Tools requiring firm or repeated squeezing
- Tasks requiring hitting and pushing with the palm
- Crimping, Stapling & Press-Fit Parts Installation
- Vine Pruners

RECREATIONAL Users of Shock-Tek™ Gloves

The Recreational and sports industry is known for causing a large number of CTS conditions:

  • There is a lot of risk for bikers, motorcycling and motor cross advocates who experience severe abuse to their hands from the tight grip and constant vibration and pounding of the handlebars.
  • Sailors and boaters receive constant abuse from the riggings, rudders, or steering wheels and pounding of the waves.
  • In addition, there are other sports that require intensive squeezing, pressure, or hammering with the hands like baseball, gymnastics, weightlifting, archery, hunting and shooting, tennis and racquet ball and many others…

Individuals using our gloves for sports have reported that they can play, ride or continue their chosen sport for hours without problems. We have had cyclists report that they used to lose feeling in their fingers after ten minutes; with our gloves they rode in 500-mile bike races with no symptoms!

Use Shock-Tek™ Gloves Because
Better Ergonomics Make Better Economics

Untreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often requires an expensive surgical procedure and an average of a month’s absence from work. The U. S. Bureau of labor Statistics reports that CTS sufferers lose an average of 32 days of work.

Studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimate that 10 -30 percent of heavy machine operators have developed symptoms of CTS.

The Shock Tek™ technology provides a cost saving medical device. One Detroit manufacturing plant with a high incidence of CTS has estimated that each individual case costs approximately $30,000 in Worker’s Comp, Insurance
Claims and Lost Productivity. By one estimate, Repetitive Stress Injuries, of which CTS are the most common affliction, cost American industry an estimated $20 Billion in losses each year.