Dr. Mark Carlson, Orthopedic Surgeon - “It’s the first glove on the market that gives the right kind of support and is made with the natural materials that won’t cause skin reactions associated with plastics. It’s such a flexible glove you can do anything with it. It certainly cuts down the immediate need for surgery. What brings people to surgery is when they can’t work or do their activities of daily living. The glove allows people to control their symptoms, so they can go back to work or do their activities. As long as you control the symptoms, you don’t have to operate. The groove is anatomically right where we make the cut for CTS release, so it (the glove) can be used to prevent symptoms, or post-operatively.”

Debbie Gaeschke, Grosse Pte. Woods, Mi. – general user - “I certainly noticed a big improvement with your gloves compared to gel gloves I had been using. There were virtually no signs of pressure on the nerves in either of my hands. Keep up the great work…I think you have truly developed something useful and worthwhile!”

Sheryl Wissman, MD, Cyclist - “I’m training, cycling 30-50 miles 2-3x/week and suffer intense hand numbness…I used your gloves…ever since. I have no numbness, pain, tingling in my fingers, wrist or elbows. What a great deal!”

Patricia Roman, Auto Worker, Oak Park, Mi. - “As an automotive worker, I do a lot of stapling and pulling for interior doors. The pain in my hands was awful. After I saw the Shock-Tek™ glove advertised a year ago, I bought it and use it daily to relive the pain I used to have. They are using it all over the plant now!”

Pest Control Manager, Kalamazoo, Mi. - “My hands would go numb and tingle after drilling only six holes in a four inch slab. I would then have to take a break. Since you sent me these gloves, I have used them every time I drill and have had no problems with my hands. With the use of these gloves, I can drill 17 holes non-stop through a 5 inch slab, stopping after 17 only because of arm fatigue from pushing the drill.”

Dr. Raymond E. Jackson, ER Physician and Cyclist - “The gloves are great. They have eliminated the numbness I used to get when riding (a bicycle).”

An Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) patient, who was an active do-it-yourself shade trimmer, stopped doing everything around the house due to muscle atrophy within the palms of his hands, reduced grip, and lack of dexterity. The patient acquired a pair of ST9706 style gloves with Shock-Tek™ gel padding and resumed most of his daily activities and improving his quality of life.

A staff therapist at Team Rehabilitation, St. Claire Shores, Mi. purchased gloves for her personal use for relief of CTS symptoms. She uses the gloves on a daily basis; however, her symptoms are most noticeable while driving. She’s wearing the ST9802’s and she said she feels great behind the wheel!

Detroit Area Plastic & Reconstruction Hand Surgeon, Dr. Donald Ditmar, Jr. MD (a Shock-Tek™ Glove user) is a firm believer in Shock-Tek™ technology. Dr. Ditmar underwent trigger finger release surgery and his postoperative recovery was aided by a pair of Shock-Tek™ WG-5010 gloves. The 5010’s allowed Dr. Ditmar to resume work weeks sooner than he had expected. Dr. Ditmar recommends Shock-Tek™ to his hand patients.

Steve, Trap-Shooter, Australia - “I tried the gloves last weekend shooting trap and they were great! I showed them to another shooter with similar hand problems and he is going to order a couple of pair as well. Thanks again!”

Auto Worker, Detroit, Mi. - “In my line of work, I use my hand as a hammer to install door panels. Using your glove – no more tingling or soreness – thank you!”

Walter Roberts, Shelby Township, Mi. - “I’ve used the gloves for over a year now and no longer have the pain in my palms.”

James Riordan, Cyclist, St. Louis, Mo. - “The cycling, anti-vibration gloves are impressive. I have put over 300 miles into one pair of these gloves, and so far, it has greatly reduced the numbness in my fingers.”

Bob Pease, Cyclist, Amston, Ct. - “I bought two pair of your work gloves to wear while I mountain bike and they work great. My left hand never got numb.”

Mark Ryan, Edward Jones Company, Office Worker - “When a friend heard I was suffering from CTS, he recommended I order a pair of your Shock-Tek™ Wrist Guards. My symptoms were uncomfortable and gradually worsening. Well, I am pleased to tell you that I have been wearing them at work for a little over a month and I have noticed much improvement! Others in my office have noticed me wearing them and I have nothing but good things to say. I will continue to tell others about your great product.”

At Michigan Hand Clinic, Warren, Mi., therapists compared the Shock-Tek™ gloves to the blue Gel Glove Company’s Model TL500’s (gloves previously prescribed by Michigan Hand). The TL500’s had numerous returns after only a few weeks of patient use. No Shock-Tek™ gloves have been returned as defective since the first patient prescription. Twelve therapists all agreed that Shock-Tek™ is a phenomenal product. Quotes such as “Patients Love them!”, “What a great product!”, “Keep making them, we’ll keep using them on patients!"

Michigan Hand therapists also use the Shock-Tek™ WG-5010 work gloves on their rope pull exercise station. The WG-5010’s have been in constant use for almost three months. One of the therapists brought the gloves over for everyone to examine. "With only a little dirt and a minor amount of wear on the palm, the gloves were holding up very nicely!"

Detroit Medical Clinic therapist, Elaine, referred a hand therapy patient to Shock-Tek™ for a pair of gloves for his return to work. Patient, “Mike” had 3 surgeries to correct injuries to his middle finger and had been on disability for 22 months for an on-the-job injury. His last surgery required PIP joint replacement to his middle finger (Proximal Inter Phalangial Joint). Mike had the surgery over 12 months ago and went through a complete round of occupational therapy. He is a carpenter and is required to use hand tools including; hammers, drills, and reciprocating saws. Mike was concerned about the pain to his palm. DMC and his surgeon prescribed a neoprene sleeve to protect his middle finger from further injury. The neoprene sleeve did nothing to protect his palm from the repetitive stress and vibration. His DMC therapist and his surgeon recommended he try a pair of Shock-Tek™ gloves as a solution. Mike called Shock-Tek™ and the WG-5015 Fingerless Work Glove was recommended to provide maximum protection in conjunction with his neoprene sleeve. Only then could he comfortably return to work.

A therapist at Henry Ford Health Systems Occupational Therapy Clinic – treated Mary, a Housewife and CTS and Trigger finger Release Patient, who was unable to do the simplest of house chores due to chronic pain. She was fitted with a pair of Shock-Tek™ gloves and was able to resume work around the house without pain. Shock-Tek™ technology gave her the padding that she needed along with additional gripping power from the ST9801 gloves with silicone woven palm grips.

Mrs. B, a Henry Ford / Pearson Clinic patient - came in for a CTS consult with the Dr. due to very painful hands. She was due to have urgent hip replacement surgery and wanted surgery to remedy both conditions. Dr. Ditmar recommended that Mrs. B use Shock-Tek™ gloves and postpone CTS repair until fully recovered from the hip replacement. Mrs. B. purchased Shock-Tek™ gloves and is able to perform many activities without pain.

Eric Freeman, Detroit News Columnist, Cyclist - “The bottom line: Does the glove help? Yes, based on my experience in more than 400 miles of personal road testing in the last few weeks. The numbness in my right hand is mostly eliminated by the gloves, and it’s significantly reduced in my left hand.” (published in the Detroit News)

Product Review from “Women on Wheels” Magazine by Karol Patzer - “I found that Shock-Tek™ gloves did relieve some of the numbness I get when riding my single cylinder motorcycle. Engine vibration is transmitted to the handgrips, and after even short rides, I often have sore hands. The gloves helped reduce some of that vibration. I also used them when taking several short bicycle jaunts, and they definitely reduced the numbness I’ve been experiencing while bicycling. Motorcyclists, who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or even experience tingling of their hands/fingers, may benefit from the Shock-Tek™ glove. The glove was designed by a board-certified neurologist and the design protects the median nerve from external pressure. The padded palm does prevent much of the vibration from reaching the rider’s palm.”

Product Review from Interbike Show by Uwe Adric - “ The ST9801 gloves were tested for approximately 200 miles of road and mountain bike cycling. The texture of the palm side of the gloves (stickiness) helped keep the hands on the handlebars. Many times it is very easy to, when going over sudden unexpected bumps and especially during road biking, get hands knocked off the handlebars. This texture provides a margin of safety on this regard. There was no numbing of hands during our 200 miles of testing, particularly on the mountain bike “straight” handlebars where there is a limited area to provide different hand positions. The road portion of our test also provided relief from hand numbing. Thanks again for the opportunity. We are interested in placing an order!”