Prevention, Protection, Relief

The Shock-Tek™ protective device, when incorporated with the proper glove, has been proven to help prevent, protect, and provide relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

It is placed precisely to coincide with the anatomy of the human hand.  The design has undergone repetitive, extensive testing in industrial and sports applications to determine the best location and dimensions for the placement of the channel in order to best protect the median (carpal tunnel) nerve.  

The median nerve controls movement of the thumb and carries sensation from the hand to the central nervous system.  The median nerve is most prone to injury in the area of the carpal tunnel, a narrow, 4-6 cm long canal that runs vertically from the wrist to the middle of the palm.

The basic pathophysiology of CTS is excess pressure.  Keeping pressure down on the carpal tunnel is a logical way to try to prevent CTS based on our knowledge of physiology.

In certain jobs and sports, external pressure is the biggest contributing factor to CTS.  Shock-Tek™ has been developed for those jobs and sports.


Patented Palm Groove – Removes pressure from median nerve to help eliminate hand numbness, pain and fatigue.

Anatomically Correct Design - Unique design replaces conventional padding over the median nerve with a special groove that keeps pressure and vibration off the nerve and distributes it to the fleshy part of the hand.

Engineered Padding – Shock-Tek™ gloves’ vibration damping, Visco-Elastic Urethane Polymer, is engineered specifically for this design.

Great Fit – A comfortable, snug fit that ensures maximum benefit.  

Amazing Durability - Ordinary gels and foams collapse under sustained ride pressure, while Shock-Tek™ gloves’ padding protects the hands from pressure and vibration by maintaining its shape.

Please Note The Shock-Tek™ medical device is not designed to prevent CTS caused by rapid extending and flexing movements which cause CTS in typists, musicians etc.